Used Printing Presses with guarantee

Used Printing Presses with guarantee

Contrary to other suppliers we deliver our refurbished machines in perfect condition and WITH GUARANTEE!

For years the Graphic Arts Industry has been under tremendous economic pressure. Only a decreasing number of companies is still able to buy new machines which in the same period became more and more expensive. One way out is the purchase of used equipment. Indeed, other new risks are occurring with this decision:

  • Usually the seller is not taking responsibility – “as is” condition is the standard àthe print shop buys a pig in a poke
  • Hence, the reliability of the production process is not warranted any more
  • Hidden defects are always a thread
  • Long distances between seller and buyer are prohibiting or making a solution of technical problems de facto impossible.
  • In that case the BUYER has to search for service providers for cleaning, repairing and overhauling these used machines

In case of purchase a used machine “as is “ the pivotal question is how to secure the reliability of the production process.

Not only the additional costs for refurbishment are an incremental risk, also in case of production downtimes deadlines will be not met.

The Alternative: Used Printing Presses with Guarantee

RCB is not only focused in trading of used Printing Presses – we are also specialized in refurbishment, and maintenance of Printing Presses and other machines of the Graphic Arts Industry. We know the “inner life” and the “breaking points” of Printing Presses quite well.

That’s the reason why we are offering full refurbished machines in our service center in Belgrade – Barajevo. Due to putting your machines to acid test we are able provide machines with guarantee after our refurbishment. Instead of “As Is” – “in near mint condition”

Your advantage:

  • High reliability of production process – minor technical default risk
  • Onsite service in case something is not working proper
  • Satisfied customers due to high quality and adherence to schedule

Our goal is to secure your production and your investment in an used Printing Press sustainable!

Our actual offers of used machines with guarantee