CO2 Ice Cleaning

CO2 Ice Cleaning

Cleaning and painting of the machine

Your printing machine and/or post-press machine is heavily dirty after having been used for years and not a flagship for your company any more.
We clean your machine in three ways:

  • Coarse cleaning using CO2 ice-cleaning:
    All metal parts in your machine will be cleaned very fast though we extremely take care about sensitive parts as cables, sleeves and bearings.
  •  Sandblasting
    Heavily polluted parts which are not sensitive for treating as machine covers, hand rails and platforms will be thoroughly cleaned in our sandblasting section.
  • Manual cleaning with alcohol solvents
    Finally, to achieve and ensure the optimal result a time-consuming manual cleaning with alcohol and brush cannot be replaced – despite all the technical facilities there are.

To make your machine looking really “bright” after cleaning, it will be our pleasure to paint your machine with original colours.
Usually we clean and paint your machines in our premises – on your request we also can provide these services on your site.

Ivan Antonina
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