About us

With a background of 15 years working experience with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen we founded RCB in 2016:

Our Aim is to serve our customers in Serbia, the countries of former Yugoslavia and the neighbourhood – countries with technical perfectly repaired and maintained machines of the Graphic Arts Industry.

RCB Team

Snežana Outschar

Franz Schöny

Position/Task: Managing Director

Work Experience: 25 years experience in the printing industry

“Trainer of the RCB-Team”

Svetlana Protić
Svetlana Protić

Position/Task: Head Administration – Contracting, Order Processing, Accounting & Controlling

Work Experience: Company Lawyer, Accountant, perennial experience with Heidelberg Jugoslavia and banks

“prevents us from fooling”

Aleksandar „Jimmy“ Kovacević
Aleksandar “Jimmy” Kovacević

Position/Task: Sales Director

Work Experience: skilled printer, longtime Sales Director of Heidelberg Jugoslavia

“loves and lifes GAI”

Attila Bujdoso
Attila Bujdoso

Position/Task: Salesman Grafikum/ RCB for region Vojvodina

Work Experience: Dipl. Grapj. Ing. 20 year experiance in all production stages from Prepress, Press up to Finishing

“can we speed up a little bit”

Milan Vidović
Milan Vidović

Position/Task: Salesman Grafikum/ RCB for region Belgrade and Serbia rest

Work Experience: long time experience in printing process instructing

“loaded gun”

Aleksandar „Trifun“ Trifunović
Aleksandar “Trifun” Trifunović

Position/Task: Technical director

Work Experience: Degreed Engineer, many years Service Head – amongst others a few years in Heidelberg Jugoslavia

“Godfather of   Technic“

Ivan Antonina
Ivan Antonina

Position/Task: Technical Sales Supporter

Work Experience: long time experience as mechanical
engineer for Printing – and Postpress Machines in Heidelberg Jugoslavia and RCB

“Red Star forever“

Jovan „Joca“ Jovanović
Jovan “Joca” Jovanović

Position/Task: Mechanical engineer, printer, specialist for cylinder repair

Work Experience: Skilled printer with long experience in various printshops working on different printing machines

“absolute passion for printing“

Dragan Vucinović
Dragan Vucinović

Position/Task: Electric and electronic engineer, specialist for cylinder repair

Work Experience: Skilled electric and electronic engineer in various companies

„…loves solving problems…“

Aleksandar „Aca“ Stoijanović
Aleksandar “Aca” Stoijanović

Position/Task: Logistic specialist, mechanical engineer, printer, cleaner of machines, specialist for cylinder repair,

Work Experience: Skilled printer, certified welder, operator for forklift and cran

“…moves everything…“

Jovan „Joca“ Jovanović

Mirjana Ilić

Position/Task: office assistent

Work Experience:  over a 15 years of experience in sales and administrative

 “Every day you learn something new”